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The Story of Everything Ever

Here it is, the VoxHumana Story of Everything Ever. This is the ultimate repository of all human knowledge, the history of the entire universe from its inception to the present day. Of course, it's still a work in progress, we haven't quite finished yet, but give us a bit and it'll be good, we promise.

Part I: The Begining

Right, we know that begining is spelled with three n's. But, c'mon, how many n's does the word need. Two seems to do the job, don't they. Really, what's the point of proper spelling anyway...selling dictionaries, that's what. The whole thing was just dreamed up by a sick collusion between Samuel Johnson and Noah Webster so that they could rake in vast amounts of cash. Think about...if you can tell what the word is misspelled, then you can tell what word it's supossed to be. So, communication has occured. You got the point and the idea was recieved. It works, writing, reading, all of it still works even without proper spelling. We say, why give in to the tyranny of the publishers? Why let them rule our lives...oh, sorry, we seem to have gotten off the topic.

Part I: The Begining.

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