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Supermen Project


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Late at night, one night, 1/4 of VoxHumana decided it would be a good idea to combine genes with the sister of another 1/4 of Voxhumana, thus making 2/5 out the whole deal and creating a race of Supreme Comedians. The other 1/4 concluded, wisely, that sperm need not have one receptacle and so the Supermen Project was born. Since the other 1/2 of VoxHumana wants nothing to do with our genes, jeans, or penises, we must search the globe for those suitable for the creation of our master race. These are the chosen:

The following people have been chosen as the proper propegators of the new superrace. If you're on the list, congradulations, just drop us a line, and we'll come right over and do our best to impregnate you.(To help humanity, we mentioned that, right?)

Alicia Witt
Katharine Towne
Laura Prepon,
Bjork Gudmundsdottir
Shirley Manson
Chan Marshall
Ione Skye,
Mellisa Auf Der Mauer
Julianna Hatfield
Helen of Troy,
Tori Amos
Janeane Garofalo
Ally Hannigan
Rachel Leigh Cook
Natasha Lyeonne
Julie Delphi
Drew Barrymore
Donna Matthews
Fiona Apple
Liz Phair
Natlie Portman

And the Ladies' Choices:

Edward Norton
Andrew Jones
Rivers Cuomo
Stephen Dorff
Thom Yorke
Jimmy Fallon
John Stewart
Alan Greenspan
Ben Stein
Danny Masterson
John Cusack
Bill Murray
Jon Stewart
James Marsters

And Jeremy would like to include Jimmy Fallon on his list, but the other 3/4 of VoxHumana protested on the basis that, short of some sort of clone type of thing, Jeremy will never be able to exchange genetic material with him.

VoxHumana: Making America Better Through Attempted Eugenics

Alicia Witt: Future Mother of the Supermen?

Alicia, above, is just one of the many fortunate people who can help build a better tomorrow for our children, our superchildren, not your bratty little wasted sperm and egg cells.Let's just hope she calls us...please, please call us.

Jimmy Fallon...will Jeremy ever being able to mate with this pure hunk of man? Only time will tell...

Bjork and Shirley Manson, Sexy, Sultry, Singers (nice aliteration, eh?) from Atlantic Islands, which culturally are part of Europe, although not actually attatched to the continent anymore, at least not in the past few thousand years.

VoxHumana: Funnier than Starvation