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Episode Guide


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The Official VoxHumana Episode Guide

(Notice how we have way more episodes than the Star Wars Saga. If only quantity counted more than quality.)

Episode I:
The Grunion

Episode II:
Comedy with Care

Episode III:
Three Seconds

Episode IV:
Chronicles of the Hopeless

Episode V:
How to be a Superhero

Episode VI:
The New Deal

Episode VII:
Bringing People Together

Episode VIII:
All the Way to the Balkans

Episode IX:
The Whistling Seduction

Episode X:
Robots are the Strangest People

Episode XI:

Episode XII:
The Zeppo Reborn

Episode XIII
The Thirteenth Episode

Episode XIV
They Do Run Run Run

Episode XV
Your Liver Thanks You

Episode XVI
Alabaster Memories of Summers Well Spent

VoxHumana: Funnier than Cytosine.

Reoccuring Characters:

The Programmer, a programmer.
The Announcer, an announcer.
The Assistant, an assistnt.
The Bartender, a bartender.
Steve Mousetrap, a newsanchor.
Gloria Trainwreck, a newsanchor.
Jesus Christ, a son of god.
Abraham Lincoln, a reanimated corpse.
Barry, a sportscaster.
Todd, a sportscaster.
Marty Spiff, a gameshow host.
Chip Whitney, a reporter.
Don Fletcher, a tourist.
Lois Fletcher, a tourist.
Jane, a writer.
Ed Mitchell, an astronaut.
Raynaldo McNulty, a president.
Richard Nixon, a bastard.
The Devil, a fallen angel.
And of course...
Brandie, Jeremy, Karalyn and Scott.

Yes, Jeremy is the Ringo.

(we do not wear hats)

How many peanuts can you fit in the mouth of a fully grown cat? (Answer on Page 319)

VoxHumana: Funnier than Pencil Shavings.

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