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The Cast


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The Quadreny of Taunt: The Father-Rosen, The Son of Jim, The Brandie-Shaped-Being of Light, and The Goddess of Kiwi.

Jeremy Rosen, a graduate of DeVry Technical Insitute (he specialized in accounting), enjoys the music of Bauhaus architecture and likes to wear black velvet capes, white pasty makeup and thick, black, sludge-like eyeliner. He also enjoys model airplanes. His goals in life include becoming the first Jewish Pope, and being the first man to circumnavigate the globe. However, because neither of these are possible, he lives his life in perpetual sorrow. He also enjoys red pubes. On others, seriously...

Scott Birdseye is a high school drop out who hopes to one day become an astronaut. He wishes that people would remember "Get out of the city!"(Balky's catch phrase from the 80's sitcom Perfect Strangers). He enjoys macrame, dog shows, and collecting broken radiator valves. Currently, he is a pretender to the throne of Britain and has also staked an illigitimate claim to the crowns of Iceland and New Jersey. He has promised the body of Bjork to Jeremy upon usurpation of the Icelandic throne.

Brandie Lett is a part-time lion tamer and full-time stapler repair expert. She hopes to one day be the head of a mercenary army recruited from ads in the back of Soldier of Fortune Magazine and also to head up a crack team of international terrorists as part of her bid for global supremecy. Her hobbies include gluttony, sloth, and avarice.She wishes that someone would pass a law demanding that James Marsters be unable to speak without using a British accent.

Karalyn Evans is a fan of ecclisiatical praise and worsphip music, who enjoys walking dogs and obsessing over James Iha. She lives a lie, enjoys cricket, and finds that pure physical relationships provide the only escape from her boring existence. She hopes to one day become a successful balloon sculptoresse and to one day patent a digital sundial. Her favorite type of column is the Ionic, and her second favorite is Dorric, and her third favorite is Corinthian.

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