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Bringing People Together


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We might respond to your little mail...if we're not busy.

Tell us what you think about whatever...cheese, Napoleon, super string theory, plastic, monkeys, socks, bunions, Weezer, your Superman skivvies, orange juice, socialism, virginity, paste, economics, the Aztec Empire, the music of Sting, writing, Mario Van Peebles, inclined planes, Louis Gosset Jr., the Smoot-Hawley Tarrif, sponges, klaxons, the Irish, two headed snakes, onions, Nahautl language, peace, war, detante, Voltiare, the writings of P.F. Buckley, the kazoo, why English food sucks, that whole infinite monkeys typing Hamlet thing, robots, cyborgs, polytheism, the color orange,etc. etc.

The Bad Touch: Email VoxHumana and You'll Feel Better About Yourself and The World.


You can't touch her. You aren't good enough for her. You never were. Stop calling. Oh and could you come pick up your thong?

VoxHumana: Funnier than Pop Quizes.