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The VoxHumana Sketch Comedy Manifesto


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In our preparation, for bringing forth the next revolution in sketch comedy, we have spent a great deal of time involved in the research and attempted understanding of the metaphysical and philosophical ideals to which comedy must strive in order to be funny. Therefore, inspired by Plato's ideas of Ideal Form, we have made it our goal to tear away the unneccesary layers and reach the ideal humor, the base element out of which all that is funny derives.

1. Every sketch should be as non-topical as possible so as to avoid one day appearing dated.
2. Every sketch should have a title.
3. Every sketch should be as short as possible.
4. Every show should have a natural flow to it rather than being a random collection of short films.
5. Every sketch should be as original as possible.
6. No stealing anyone else's material intentionally.
7. No subject is off limits.
8. I forget what eight was for.
9. Concepts are funnier than situations.
10. Rock, believe it or not, actually does beat paper, under some circumstances.

The Mighty One

The Greatest Person Ever? Quite Possibly. Certainly one of the funniest, how unfortunate for us that she isn't on our show.

VoxHumana: Funnier than the Bataan Death March.