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The Kiwi


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Karalyn D. Evans

Senior Quote: "Engage!" -Jean Luc Piccard
Superlative: Most Likely to Eventually Graduate from High School.
9th Grade: Charles Darwin Look-a-Like Club
                  Future Political Prisoners of America
9th Grade (2nd Year): Barstool Appreciation Club
                  Students Against Driving
10th Grade: Jr. Varsity Mud Wrestling
                   Jr. Varsity Gladiatorial Combat
                   Epidemiology Club
11th Grade: 6H Club
                   Prom Queen (but only because of a cruel
                   joke by the popular kids)
                   Varsity Roller Derby
12th Grade: Varsity Camel Polo (one humped)
                   Varsity Water Tennis
                    Epsoronto Club
                    Prom Queen (due to a bet between two
                    popular guys, that one could make an 
                    unpopular girl prom queen, you know,
                    that kind of thing)
Future Plans:
Joliet State Prison Vocational Education Program, Cell Block C. (unless the plea bargain goes through, then it's Cactus Mountain Community College, Department of Air Conditioner Repair; fingers crossed)
Good Job Class of '86! Have a tubular summer, to the max!

VoxHumana: Funnier than Non-Food-Producing Specialists.