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The Independant Operatives


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A Special Tribute to Those Brave Souls, Who Are Not Official Members of VoxHumana, But Have None the Less Contributed Their Time, and their Genius to the VoxHumana Comedy Revolution.

The Mercenary.


Eliza Rohr

Favorite Song: "Camera Man" by Ron Torkelson's Armada 
                       featuring Herman Mederchuck.
Favorite Jovian Moon: Europa.
Favorite Noble Gas: Argon
Favorite Feudal Iberian State: Aragon.
Eliza Rohr, was born into the tough and often unseen world of the Carnies. Orphaned at a young age by a freak trapeze accident which left both her parents, as well as an uncle dead, Eliza left the Carnival life to pursue her dream of becoming a member of pop sensation Medeudo, however, her lack of fluency in the Spanish language destroyed that dream forever and left her a hollow shell of a human being. The heavy doses of Prozac and MAOIs are the only thing that keeps her going these days.

The Lobster

David Uncles
(no other information currently available)

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