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A Comedy Revolution
The Future of Comedy

Okay, we've been having some trouble with tripod, I mean, we can't actually complain, since the site is free, but it's like they always say 'you get what you pay for.'

So, we're working on coming up with a whole new web site, which will be one humdinger of a site compared to this one.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated the coming changes.

Important People Speak Out About VoxHumana:
Read their opinions and save yourself the trouble of making up your own mind.

"Wow, Scott and Jeremy have a job, sort of..." --That Cute Girl

"VoxHumana is the most petabolic assault on the metracultural neosaliencies of our common idament that I have ever seen"
--Adolf Grontling, in
People Who Make Up Their Own Words Quarterly
(Portuguese Language Edition)

"VoxHumana is the greatest thing ever"
-Pope Innocent III

"A pure side-splitting, zany laugh riot"
-Amish Tractor and Grundle Weekly.

"Never before has such a thing been seen"
-Francisco Franco, as quoted from Bunion Lickers Support Group Newsletter.

VoxHumana...all the initials you love about VanHalen,
Without all that annoying eighties hair band posturing.
-The United States Coast Guard

"Ferdinand IV (1286-1312), king of Castile and Leon. He was the son of King Sancho IV (1258-1296). His reign was marked by anarchy during his minority and later by the continuance of wars against the Moors, from whom he won Gibraltar in 1309."
-The Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia (which has nothing to do with VoxHumana, but does have quite a bit of information on medieval Iberian monarchs if you're interested)

VoxHumana: Funnier than Wheat